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Security, Auditing and Compliance Solution - P2Sentinel is Cerner’s auditing solution for tracking end user access to confidential patient data in Millennium as well as other non-Cerner clinical solutions and infrastructure systems.

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P2Sentinel is Cerner’s auditing solution for tracking end user access to confidential patient data in Millennium as well as other non-Cerner clinical solutions and infrastructure systems.

Under HIPAA, provider organizations must implement a system of accountability with regards to how patient information is accessed and used. Through P2Sentinel only Cerner can provide our clients with a single source of PHI audit events – Cerner and non-Cerner - necessary to meet the requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, and Meaningful Use.

Client Benefits

  • Addresses HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements
  • Meets privacy and policy regulations – P2Sentinel measures audit-ability, policy accountability and improvement against said policy.
  • Auditing individual users – P2Sentinel provides insights into application access patterns – supporting access, policy or behavioral changes.
  • Rapid identification of suspect access enables quicker response to potential privacy and security breaches.
  • Exposure to unauthorized data access – P2 Sentinel identifies the data individuals accessed –pinpointing the amount and the specifics of the data compromised.

Features of P2Sentinel Enterprise

  • Centralized audit store provides for easy correlation of actions across multiple systems in the organization including Cerner Millennium and other third party applications.
  • Easy-to-use reporting makes it simple to provide a comprehensive view to the people who need the data for investigation/analysis.
  • Separation of Duties: Audit data cannot be manipulated by the DBAs since the data is stored in its own repository separate from the transaction system.
  • Superior Architecture: Efficient, redundant storage of years of log data while providing exceptional query performance over massive data volumes.
  • In report Filtering: Spreadsheet-like text filtering available within the report allowing for quicker analysis of the data
  • Forensic Investigation: Comprehensive incident response and investigation capability.
  • True enterprise scalability from small single-site deployments to large enterprise-wide, distributed architectures
  • Automated report delivery/e-mail notifications
  • Dashboards provide quick identification of potential security and privacy breaches

More Details

What you need to know

There are specific minimum requirements for the types of hardware on which P2Sentinel will run.

Client Workstation Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • CPU: Pentium® IV-class processor (or higher) running at 2.0Ghz (or higher)
  • Memory: At least 512MB RAM
  • Network: Client and server must communicate over a clean network that can support at least 128kbps sustained in both directions.
  • Java: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 Update 13, or higher

Server Requirements

  • CPU: 4 CPU cores per server. Intel Xeon Processors running at 2.5Ghz minimum
  • Architecture: 64bit is highly recommended
  • Storage:
    • OS: 2 x72GB SCSI hard drives – (RAID 1)
    • Data store: 4x146GB SCSI hard drives – for Log data (RAID 5) or 500GB SAN LUN (SLS) or 150GB SAN LUN (Collector/Analyzer)
  • Network: x1 GB Network Adaptor

Virtual Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: 4 CPU cores per server (minimum 2.5ghz, 3ghz+ is recommended)
  • Architecture: 64bit VMWare ESX/ESXi 3.5 Update 3+
  • Memory: 17 GB (4GB per core is recommended + 1GB for ESX overhead)
  • Storage:
    • OS: 50 GB
    • Data store: 500GB (SLS) or 150GB(Collector/Analyzer)
  • Network: x1 physical gigabit Ethernet NIC Operating System Requirements
  • Red Hat: **Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES 4.0 Update 7 (32/64bit)
  • Red Hat: *Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 Update 5 64bit

*Cerner does recommend using Redhat 5.5 for P2Sentinel v4.6

**32 bit Redhat 4.7 is not support on VMWare for P2Sentinel


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