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PowerWorks Practice Management (PWPM)

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Billing services, large practices with more than 10 providers, and practices that require centralized billing turn to PowerWorks PM for increased user flexibility and reporting capabilities that are essential for complex healthcare businesses.

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PowerWorks Practice Management (PWPM)

PowerWorks® Practice Management (PM) is an enterprise solution that manages front and back-office functions necessary to improve the financial well-being of the practice and streamline workflow.

Hundreds of practices trust PowerWorks PM every day to reduce error, speed reimbursement, and exceed the bottom line.

Client Benefits

  • Flexible scheduling customized to user preferences maximizes provider productivity and meets rigorous scheduling demands
  • Alert messages, master patient index, and insurance profiles reduce error and administrative expenses during registration and charge entry
  • Immediate access to accurate financial and administrative data enhances employee productivity, quality of care, and profitability
  • Pre-pricing capabilities and explosion codes for pre-defined encounters expedite data entry for billing staff

Delivery Models

  • Application Service Provider (ASP) Model
  • Client-Hosted Model
  • Remote-Hosted Model

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  • 1 out of 5 stars out of 5 stars out of 5 stars out of 5 stars

    Mark Hart from Carondelet Health Network says: Wed Jan 21 16:41:45 2015

    On first glance Power Works Practice Management (PWPM) looks like a product crafted by Atari developers circa 1980’s. Once you get under the covers and start using the product you realized it was developed by Atari developers with a warped sense of humor. This product will have your registration staff pulling their hair out in short order. Inconsistent user interface workflows, cryptic nomenclature key sequences that are purported to be shortcut codes and menu buttons scattered randomly (left, top, and bottom) throughout. Some screen inputs require an “Enter”, or a double mouse click, or a “shortcut code”. Spin the wheel and see if you guessed right. Going through the processes of registration, scheduling, tracking, etc. and you can see where one developer left off and housekeeping took over. No disrespect intended to those in the housekeeping field, I have found their work to be well done and consistent; unlike PWPM.

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