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SurgiNet® Anesthesia Management

4 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Cerner

Anesthesia Management is a major SurgiNet® offering that provides immediate access to patient records and test results, automatic methods to capture information, and simple reporting tools.

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SurgiNet® Anesthesia Management

SurgiNet® Anesthesia Management allows you to manage your anesthesia patient care effectively while documenting physiological parameters and medication administration through features such as device integration, intuitive real-time documentation resources and immediate access to patient records. From pre-planning to post-anesthesia care, you have exactly what you need to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily document thoroughly and accurately
  • Bill accurately for services provided
  • Spend more time caring for patients

Know your patient

Anesthesia Management gives you access to review past medical history and current medications while documenting the anesthesia plan. Before seeing the patient, you can develop a sound care strategy—without picking up a paper folder or chart.

Anesthesia Management also supplies you with valuable intra-anesthesia aids, which help you save time while prioritizing patient care. The intra-anesthesia record provides you with customizable settings for each provider, which makes completing the legal anesthesia care record quick and easy. Data enters the record automatically; the application interfaces with anesthesia machines and physiological monitors. Pre-defined plans for recording case information, along with drag-and-drop functionality, help you speedily complete clinical documentation. Providers receive adverse drug reaction alerts when documenting medications.

And once a patient reaches the post-anesthesia care unit, providers can complete the documentation by adding the final set of vital signs and finalizing any follow-up order sets. The net result—complete, accurate documentation recorded in less time.

Work smarter, work safer

Anesthesia Management also delivers a complete range of tools for streamlining the anesthesia care processes. Using Remote Monitor, you can view multiple cases simultaneously in graphical or numerical displays. And direct real-time data feeds from medical devices mean that viewers receive the latest patient information.

To guarantee continuous access, Anesthesia Management provides you with Disconnected Mode to the intra-anesthesia record. This feature supports the intra-anesthesia record during planned or unplanned occasions when connectivity to the facility network and Cerner Millennium® database is interrupted. Your case is automatically synchronized when the connection is restored, ensuring accurate documentation of the patient’s condition and eliminating the occurrence of lost access—or information.

Provide complete care—within and beyond the OR

Because it operates on the unified Cerner Millennium architecture, the Anesthesia Management solution unifies anesthesia care with related nursing documentation. Anesthesia Management also shares information with other Cerner Millennium applications. Care providers easily access and contribute to an electronic medical record, ensuring consistent, informed care throughout a patient’s stay.

What you need to know

Licensing Requirements:

•Surgical Management (SU-20310 OR SU-20310A)


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  • 3 out of 5 stars out of 5 stars

    Tacy Faughnder from San Antonio Regional Hospital says: Sun Oct 9 01:28:06 2011

    Would like to see more educational offerings and options within SAAnesthesia to accomodate an all anesthesiologist setting.

  • 4 out of 5 stars

    Calandra verba from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center says: Mon Oct 10 15:10:52 2011

    Would like to see some improvement on Medication integration, but love the device interfacing.