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End-User Training and Support

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End-user training and support is one of the most critical components of a successful learning strategy. Cerner Learning Services' proven end-user and super-user training and support solutions ensure that your organization is prepared to embrace your new Cerner solution.

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End-User Training and Support

Cerner Learning Services can provide the educators and trainers to support your software conversion. Our experienced team of learning consultants and trainers will ensure that you’re team is ready for go-live. End-user training begins with the development of a learning plan. Cerner learning consultants then work with your staff to implement a unique blended learning approach for your physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff.

We understand that support is a critical element for ensuring that end users are fully prepared to use the new applications in order to provide consistent, high-quality patient care during the conversion process. When you have done everything possible to make sure your IT conversion goes smoothly from a technical standpoint, it pays to be just as vigilant in ensuring that your staff’s transition goes equally well.

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