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Cerner CoPathPlus® addresses the unique needs of your anatomic pathology laboratory while providing comprehensive workflow automation, management reporting and quality-assurance functions.

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Cerner CoPathPlus

Developed in partnership with practicing pathologists, Cerner CoPathPlus® addresses the unique needs of your anatomic pathology laboratory while providing comprehensive workflow automation, management reporting and quality-assurance functions. Whether your pathology department provides services for an academic medical center, reference laboratory, integrated delivery network or community hospital, CoPathPlus helps effectively manage your business.

Cerner CoPathPlus solutions include:

  • Advanced Barcoding and Tracking - A comprehensive histology tracking system featuring a positive chain of identification for cassettes and slides utilizing 2-D barcodes.
  • PICSPlus - An integrated image-capture and management system that enables capture and annotation of gross and microscopic images, as well as electronic attachment and storage for consultation reports and requisitions.
  • CoPathPlus Synoptic Reporting - Perform structured data entry for reporting of cancerous diagnostic information using predefined CAP Protocol or site-specific checklists for surgical specimens. This flexible result entry mechanism solution also provides for molecular testing result entry and discrete data element storage.
  • CoMed for Results - A Web-based inquiry system that allows physicians and their staff to have immediate, real-time access to results and case status.
  • Integration - Industry-standard HL7 interfaces provide for interfacing to HIS, LIS, reference lab, billing system, cancer registry, specialized stain devices, molecular/cytogenetic systems and digital slide imaging systems. Specialized cassette and slides markers supporting 2-D bar coding are available.
  • Data Exchange - a supporting CoPathPlus solution that enhances the user experience by putting results and functionality of all the Millennium modules at the fingertips of the CoPathPlus user. Benefits include: The ability to launch a Cerner Millennium Results flowsheet view from Cerner CoPathPlus, the option to use the Cerner Millennium sign-on to log into Cerner CoPathPlus and the ability to update selected dictionary reference data elements automatically in Cerner CoPathPlus using data provided by Cerner Millennium.
  • Workload Distribution - A supporting CoPathPlus solution that enables CoPathPlus to manage and balance pathologist workload by automatically assigning cases to pathologists based on pathologist availability, case complexity, subspecialties and client preferences.
  • CoPathPlus Site Diagram Module - designed to work with the PICSPlus Imaging Solution provides access to site diagrams and supports data entry and data validation for each section of the diagram. The module will generate an image that graphically represents the entered information for each section of the specified organ diagram and can be included on the patient report. The diagram provides physicians with information that helps guide treatment decisions and are invaluable for patient consultation by providing a better understanding of location and distribution of tumors. *

Individual diagrams are purchased separately

Latest Updates for Cerner CoPathPlus

Our current GA version is 2014.01 December 2014. · Preanalytic Tracking Using RFID Technology · Discrete Procedure Results and Reflex Orders · Frozen Section module enhancements · Synoptic Reporting enhancements · Security enhancements · Multiple Time Zone support · GUI re-design

Updated: December 31, 2014

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